Imagine you can treat all of your friends and family, bridesmaids and groomsmen to a wonderful evening of massages in a pampered environment before the Big Day!

At Massage Kneads we know how to throw a Pamper Party! How does up to three full hours of massage and foot baths sound? You will be surrounded with floral decor, champagne, strawberries and maybe even gourmet chocolate truffles! How it is done and where you want it is all up to you!

Relieve all that unnecessary stress with us! The evening will be unforgettable and well deserved!

Video Description:
Woman typing on laptop. Searching for “How to relieve stress.” Results indicate that massage therapy reduces stress. Woman smiles, leans back, and imagines relaxing at a massage.

Another woman typing on a laptop searching for “Bridal Shower Ideas.” Results indicate that massage is a great idea for bridal showers. She receives a text from a friend: “Idea for party. Everyone gets a massage!” She replies: “Great minds think alike! I love it!”

Scene of many young women getting chair massages and spa treatments. Scheme of table with appetizers and other food. Women pop corks out of bottles and laugh.

Two women sit next to each other getting massages. One says to the other, “This was a great idea!” Both say together, “I’m glad I thought of it!” Scene of both women laughing.

Scene fades to white page reading: For your bridal pamper party, contact us!

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