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Learn how a regularly scheduled, 15 minute chair massage can drastically improve the well-being and performance of your employees.

You’re relaxing there. You’re destressing. She says, now lift your head up, so you sit upright, you take a deep breath, and as you exhale, you’re not only exhaling carbon dioxide, my friends, you are exhaling all of that stress that’s been mounting up in your body, and you’re thinking: “Wow, my boss did this for us? How nice! Maybe work isn’t bad after all. Maybe my company is not that bad after all. In fact, I actually work for a great company that they’re willing to do this, on a monthly basis even. They’re able to do this.”

I want you to meet our team. We have 18 chair massage therapists now. We can massage over 200 employees a day. That scenario I just walked you through, multiply that times 200 every day and that’s what we’re able to do for any company. And, uh, these are awesome, awesome people. Well, except for one or two that I’m not really fond of. But, everybody else, we love them.

And what’s great is, we’re going into medical centers, we’re going into law offices. In fact, we’re talking to one law office right now. Man, they would love a happiness program. Why do they label it a happiness program? Because, they’re dealing with law and negativity all day. Man, you doctors and nurses, raise your hands if you’re a doctor or a nurse in this room, or you know somebody. How would you like to be around sick people all day? It drains your own spirits, and man, these people will lift you up. You’re their captive audience for 15 minutes.

They’re making a world of change in just that short period of time. You know, how much change can there really be in just 15 minutes? Now here’s what’s interesting: A study by 3M and UT the department of kinesiology, and they’re thinking: “What is the real effectiveness of a 15 minute chair massage on a regular basis?” And if you are a CEO or in charge of HR, you need to listen to this.

According to the safety pays calculator on, you will pay upwards to $72,000 for one employee with prolonged stress anywhere in their body. That is including workmans comp, that’s including days off, that’s including lost productivity. Why take the chance? Minimize your risk with Massage Kneads & Wellness. I promise you, you will not regret it.

Written by: Gunnar Thelander

Gunnar leads Massage Kneads & Wellness as CEO. Gunnar's educational background entails a BS in Exercise & Sports Science from Texas State University, and an MA and Ed.D. from Nova Southeastern University in Organizational Leadership. He has been a teacher and coach for all individuals in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle to maximize your life in every area. He is currently OSHA certified to speak in areas of Health and Safety in the Workplace, Ergonomics, and a trainer in First Aid/CPR.

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