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Learn 4 reasons why corporate massage is so effective in increasing productivity, decreasing absenteeism, and elevating corporate culture.

4 reasons why this is so effective. It increases your sleep quality and focus. You’ll sleep like the nice little kitten. The result is increased productivity.

By the way, do you know why they actually encourage 8 hours of sleep? Has anybody ever wondered why the experts say you need 8 hours of sleep? I couldn’t believe this, the first 4 hours the brain repairs the body. The second four hours, the brain repairs itself. That’s the reason why if you don’t get enough sleep, you feel groggy. You’re not all there. That’s half the people in Dallas actually. Do you see the way they drive?

This is Betty, she’s awesome, she’s not here this morning, but man, she’s incredible. She’s been in massage longer than I’ve been alive. That’s 25 years y’all. The effectiveness also includes it reduces knots, tension, and headaches. Do you know what the results of that are? It’s unbelievable, I couldn’t believe this. It’s less knots, less tension, and less headaches. It’s unbelievable.

But, here’s what’s really amazing. Remember, the study from 3M and UT department of kinesiology also uncovered, this is what they weren’t expecting. It actually reduces cold and flu symptoms. Why? Think about it. If you have a knot in your shoulders or in your neck, those are toxins in your muscles that are building up, and when you massage that, when you push and put pressure on that, it’s squeezing the toxins out.

It’s similar to, raise your hand if you’ve ever done the dishes. Ok, so you have a sponge, and you’re scrubbing, and then you take the sponge and you squeeze it and all the water and soap drips down your forearm and all over your clothes and everything else, and then somebody asks: “Hey, did you have an accident?” All that water and soap that you’re squeezing out is similar to your muscles squeezing out those toxins every rub. That’s the reason why massage is so effective. And so it actually reduces cold and flu symptoms. Why do I have a picture of the United airplane? Because less sick days equals more vacation days. You know, Whoohoo!

The best thing is, effectiveness, it actually increases morale, and that equals happier employees. We’re here to elevate the corporate culture. Now I’m just going to show you this real quick. We have wonderful recommendations. “Such and amazing team” from Southwest Airlines: “My neck and back feel awesome, incredible.” Touchstone Imaging: “I’ve had many massages, this one by far the best chair massage I’ve ever ever had.”

And we’re also doing all these Lunch & Learns. Now these are lessons we’ll come into your workplace over lunch and we’ll teach you how to take better care of yourself. Optimal nutrition needs, MSD’s or Muscular Skeletal Disorders, and how to avoid them, so we teach a lot of office ergonomics. But we also do, we go further than that, haha, there’s a stretch, In office exercises, first aid, CPR, and even self defense. Whaa! Yoga, and even meditation.

And so, this is Massage Kneads and Wellness, we’re here to serve you and thank you for allowing me to speak with you today. [clapping]

Written by: Gunnar Thelander

Gunnar leads Massage Kneads & Wellness as CEO. Gunnar's educational background entails a BS in Exercise & Sports Science from Texas State University, and an MA and Ed.D. from Nova Southeastern University in Organizational Leadership. He has been a teacher and coach for all individuals in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle to maximize your life in every area. He is currently OSHA certified to speak in areas of Health and Safety in the Workplace, Ergonomics, and a trainer in First Aid/CPR.

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