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Put yourself in your employees’ shoes to help understand how corporate chair massage could increase your company’s success and improve employee happiness.

Hey, that last video was very thrilling. [laughing] My name is Gunnar, Dr. Gunnar Thelander, and I am the CEO of Massage Kneads. We are a corporate chair massage and wellness company, and we’re totally mobile. We are not brick and mortar. We come to you. Picture this. You have to get the kids ready, you got to get them out to school. You don’t want to be late, because you have a lot expected from your boss at work, and you have the wonderful Dallas traffic. So, you do everything you can.

You get out to your car, and you’re like, okay, as long as all the lights are green, I’m going to be good. Of course, every light knows you’re coming, and so you see it yellow from a distance and then it’s red when you get there. I want to go on Shark Tank and invent a stop light remote control. It’s wonderful. All you do is when you’re in a hurry, you just click and it turns green for you.

On top of that, not only do you have that but you have those wonderful school zones. Now you got to slow that down to 20 miles an hour, I don’t care if you’re in a hurry or not. And so you have all this stress mounting. You’re not even at work yet.

You arrive at work fashionable late. You walk in and you sit down in front of your computer desk with mountains of paperwork waiting for your attention. But that knot in your shoulder, and in your back right over here, all that stress from leaning forward in front of that computer screen, and the contact stress on your wrist from sitting in front of that keyboard for long hours. It’s beginning to take its toll.

And then your boss comes in, your first thought is “Oh no.” And she comes in with a surprise announcement. “Ladies and Gentlemen, in the other room we have some chair massage therapists next door, you may walk in, sign up, and enjoy. And you think to yourself, well isn’t that nice. So you get on up. You walk in and you see the therapist and she smiles at you, and you already feel a lot of that stress starting to demount.

You sit down, and she looks at you and says, “How can I help you today?” You’re like, “Oh, well I have this problem and this problem, and this problem.” And then she says, “Just take a deep breath, sit down, and relax.” So you sit down, you lean forward in the massage chair, and in a moment, she starts working on all of those knots and that stress, you feel your stress levels drop immediately. You start clearing your head of all the stuff that you’ve been going through that morning. You’ve already forgotten about all those red lights. You’ve already forgotten about all that paperwork you gotta do. You’re just taking a mental break.

As she works down your back all the way down to the base of your spine, and then she works on your shoulders, relieving all of those knots that have been building up with all that tension. She works down your arms and down to each finger. It relaxes all of those fingers. They have been typing over 80 words an hour. I mean minute. [laughing] If you’re like me, you type 80 words an hour, okay?

So you’re relaxing there, you’re destressing, she says, “Now lift your head up.” So you sit upright. You take a deep breath, and as you exhale you’re not only exhaling carbon dioxide my friends, you are exhaling all of that stress that’s been mounting up in your body, and you’re thinking, “Wow, my boss did this for us? How nice! Maybe work isn’t bad after all. Maybe my company is not that bad after all. In fact I actually work for a great company that they’re willing to do this, on a monthly basis even, they’re able to do this.

I want you to meet our team. We have 18 chair massage therapists now. We can massage over 200 employees a day. That scenario I just walked you through, multiply that times 200 every day and that’s what we’re able to do for any company. And, uh, these are awesome, awesome people. Well, except for one or two of them that I’m not really fond of. But everybody else, we love them.

And what’s great is, man, we’re going into medical centers, we’re going into law offices. In fact, we’re talking to one law office right now. Man, they would love a happiness program. Why do they label it a happiness program? Because, they’re dealing with law and negativity all day. Man, you doctors and nurses, raise your hands if you’re a doctor or a nurse in this room, or you know somebody. How would you like to be around sick people all day? It drains your own spirits, and man, these people will lift you up. You’re their captive audience for 15 minutes. They’re making a world of change in just that short period of time.

Written by: Gunnar Thelander

Gunnar leads Massage Kneads & Wellness as CEO. Gunnar's educational background entails a BS in Exercise & Sports Science from Texas State University, and an MA and Ed.D. from Nova Southeastern University in Organizational Leadership. He has been a teacher and coach for all individuals in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle to maximize your life in every area. He is currently OSHA certified to speak in areas of Health and Safety in the Workplace, Ergonomics, and a trainer in First Aid/CPR.

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