health and wellness

Healthy Habits for the New Year

The new year brings fresh starts and fresh opportunities to make resolutions about improving our health and wellness. Sticking to those resolutions can become challenging. Developing a healthier lifestyle will ensure both your health and wellness will improve, as well as your productivity levels increasing. Let’s look at some healthy habits which will assist in … Continued

benefits of chair massage in the workplace

5 Reasons Your Staff Deserves a Massage Day

Have you ever given any thought to the benefits of chair massage in the workplace? Happy employees are the key to a successful business. When they’re happy, they thrive in their environment. When they’re unhappy, your productivity suffers. It’s an endless cycle which can either make or break your workforce. Your staff is the backbone of … Continued

emotional well being

10 Tips For Emotional Well Being

At the beginning of each year, most people pledge their resolutions as getting into shape, eating healthier, being more active, etc. However, most neglect to realize improving their emotional well-being is a huge part of that process, as well. Our mental health affects how we think, feel, act, and perform in addition to how we handle … Continued

massage benefits

Three Ways a Massage Benefits an Employee’s Mind and Body

Happy employees emanate a happy working environment. Fast Company reports University of Warwick’s economists recently found that employee happiness led to a 12% spike in productivity, while unhappy workers proved to be 10% less productive. According to Mayo Clinic, studies of massage benefits demonstrate that it is an incredibly effective treatment for reducing stress, pain, … Continued

Three Ways Stress Affects Your Skin

  Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Covering approximately 20 square feet, it is also the largest organ most exposed to both internal and external elements. When under duress from stress, your body releases stress hormones, which affect your health, as well as your skin. Stress causes a chemical response in our bodies, … Continued

benefits of a massage

How A Massage Benefits Heart Health

Heart disease, or coronary heart disease, describes a vast range of conditions which results in disorders of the blood vessels of the heart, which can ultimately result in a heart attack due to blocked arteries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the #1 killer of both men and women … Continued

Massage Example Scenario Video

Video – Example Scenario

Put yourself in your employees’ shoes to help understand how corporate chair massage could increase your company’s success and improve employee happiness.

Purpose of Massage Kneads and Wellness

Video – Our Purpose

Learn how a regularly scheduled, 15 minute chair massage can drastically improve the well-being and performance of your employees.

Massage Kneads & Wellness programs video

Video – Our Programs

Learn 4 reasons why corporate massage is so effective in increasing productivity, decreasing absenteeism, and elevating corporate culture.