Benefits of a Workplace Lunch and Learn Program

Benefits of a Workplace Lunch and Learn Program

Today’s job market is exceedingly competitive, and more employees are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. Most often, this means acquiring specialized skills and training whenever possible. However, the demands of today also make it difficult for full-time employees to seek additional training via traditional schools. That is why more and more … Continued

Dealing With Muscle cramps at Work

Dealing with Muscle Cramps at Work

Muscle cramps can strike just about anywhere. Oftentimes, you will have an attack of muscle cramps at work that can really throw off your day. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to deal with muscle cramps while you’re working using some of the many benefits of massage. What Causes Cramps? Cramps can be caused … Continued

stretching for success

Stretching for Success

Yoga for health and wellness has swept across the nation, and for good reason. Yoga is one of the most comprehensive practices for stretching the body and building strength. It provides numerous benefits to people of all ages, and the effects of yoga can be felt long after the practice session is over. Here’s what … Continued

active in a workplace

Tips to Staying Active at Work

In recent years, sitting at a desk during the work week has been blamed for a wide array of health problems ranging from obesity to general back pain and poor vision. The solution is to get employees up and moving throughout the day instead of spending 8 hours sitting at a stretch. Unfortunately, many employees … Continued

De-stress Before the Big Day

De-stress Before the Big Day

The Big Day is approaching. With all the worries, concerns, and details to remember as your wedding date approaches, it is easy to forget the focus of the day should be on the two of you. Your wedding day is one of the happiest, and most stressful events of your life. You’ll find yourself so … Continued

Desk Posture

How Sitting at a Desk All Day Affects Your Neck and Back

    The Problem Our bodies are designed for movement. However, the average adult spends about ten hours each day sitting. It’s very hard to counteract that much inactivity with a one-hour workout each day. Most of us don’t have the time or desire to work out after a long day in the office, leaving … Continued

4 Ways Massage Can Help Your Staff Manage Weight

Massage Therapy can’t substitute the effectiveness of a calorie-restricted diet or regular exercise for achieving dramatic weight loss. However, it can provide a good foundation for your staff members’ weight loss goals as well as a part of their weight management routine. Research has proven massage therapy improves the condition of your muscles, thus aiding … Continued

massage therapy

History of Massage Therapy

  Massage is one of the oldest forms of medicinal treatment for injury and illness. Dating as far back as 5000 years, many ancient healers in Eastern and Western Civilizations found using oils, herbs, and massage advantageous to relieving pain, healing injury, and curing illness.

benefits of massage

5 Reasons Massages Should Be Part of Your Benefits Package

Your staff is an integral part of your business. To lure the right employees into your firm, a competitive pay rate offer is fundamental. However, recent studies have shown employees now prefer better benefits over higher pay rates.  Wellness programs have become an expectation of benefit packages. With many Fortune 500 companies offering outstanding work … Continued

benefits of massage

5 Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Studies of the benefits of massage therapy prove there is a long list of healthful perks for those who schedule consistent and regular massage sessions. While additional research is being conducted to prove the medical benefits of these sessions, researchers have confirmed the human body reacts in a positive manner to human touch. Beyond producing … Continued